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French characterized by numerous borrowings from English.

[Blend of French français, French (from Old French franceis, from France, France) and anglais, English (from Old French englois, from Old English Angel, from Latin Anglī, the Angles; see Angle).]


(French frɑ̃ɡlɛ)
informal French containing a high proportion of words of English origin
[C20: from French français French + anglais English]


(frɑŋˈgleɪ, -ˈglɛ)

(sometimes l.c.) French spoken or written with what is judged to be an excessive or indiscriminate admixture of English words.
[1960–65; b. French français French and anglais English]


French characterized by an interlarding of English loan words.
See also: Language


[frɑ̃ˈglɛ] N (hum) → franglés m


nFranglais nt, → Französisch ntmit vielen englischen Ausdrücken
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Now they've wisely swapped it round and rebranded the eatery as Chez Mal, a Frenglish brasserie on the banks of the Tyne.
Chez Mal at Newcastle's Malmaison Hotel offers a Frenglish brasserie <B experience on the banks of the Tyne, including dishes like pan roasted scallops with chorizo and tomato dressing, below
And there are no egomaniac chefs speaking in four-letter words or incomprehensible Frenglish.
Search radio for a channel that isn't forced to play Frenglish music to fend off the corrupting spread of Americana.
Catch the Aujourd'hui programme on Radio Quatre to hear deputy PM Jean Prescott being berated for having two mistresses - the average for a Frenglish politician is six.
Ablute, trim moustache and start two hour Frenglish breakfast of black pudding croissants topped with HP sauce.
com and auto-translate this site into fractured Frenglish.
He performs a Frenglish version of Sospan Fach and then announces "I am a Swanseee Jaques
Decide to book summer holiday in the Frenglish Riviera but remember Cannes is now full of fish-et- frites shops, Kiss Moi Quick hats and end of pier shows starring Robert D'Avro.