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n. frenectomía, excisión de un frenillo.
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Frenulectomy of the tongue and the influence of rehabilitation exercises on the SEMG activity of masticatory muscles.
Intraoperative outcomes Unicirc/ adhesive Open surgical (N=100) (N=50) Intraoperative suturing, n (%) 17 (17) All by protocol Frenulectomy performed, n (%) 4 (4) 6 (12) Intraoperative time (min), median (IQR) With frenulectomy 28.
2) It is commonly addressed by a frenulectomy, which involves incising the mucosal band tethering the tongue.
detected a short frenulum in 59 (43%) of 137 patients with lifelong PE and demonstrated a significant increase in the IELTs of these patents after frenulectomy.
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