freshwater pearl

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fresh′water pearl′

any of the small pearls produced esp. by freshwater mussels.
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Lovers of fine jewelry will find freshwater pearls most affordable-a 16-inch string of immaculate white ones can be had for about P2,000.
Her topics include pearl price factors in a nutshell, pearl shapes, judging luster and nacre thickness, judging surface quality, white and golden South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, whether imitation or not, whether natural or cultured, antique pearl jewelry, versatile ways to wear a strand of pearls, creating unique pearl jewelry with colored gems, and caring for pearls.
She said: "One of the reasons it's believed Julius Caesar first invaded this country was to get his hands on Britain's freshwater pearls.
Over the centuries, freshwater pearls from Margaritifera margaritifera became part of European cultural history, and this article is the first part of a series that will cover their past and present importance.
Luxurious, luminescent cultured freshwater pearls and diamonds are used to create this truly delightful pendant and earring set.
This bracelet by Maurice Milleur is made with freshwater pearls and charms of pewter with brass accents.
The smaller, whiter, flatter pearls in the picture are cultured freshwater pearls, these days mainly produced by the Chinese.
diamond cuff, $45,000; 18K white gold, freshwater pearls and diamond bracelet, $13,750, both from McCarver Et Moser; Judith Ripka 14 Ct.
A set made for a sheikha in the UAE sold for AED 45,000 (7,600 [pounds sterling]) The most expensive misbah in the current collection is made from black coral inlaid with silver, while at the other end of the scale, a subha made from freshwater pearls sells for a more modest AED 900 (150 [pounds sterling]).
Apparently, the pearls are ground-up freshwater pearls reconstituted with resin.
Judy's shop, at The Gates shopping centre, in Durham city centre, is home to a dazzling array of delicately worked pieces of jade, agate, amethyst, opal, rose quartz and freshwater pearls.
ROMAN Emperor Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55BC to take control of the trade in Scottish freshwater pearls, used as currency.