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also Frey·ja  (frā′ə)
n. Norse Mythology
The goddess of love and beauty; the sister of Frey.

[Old Norse Freyja, from freyja, lady; see per in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.Freyja - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundityFreyja - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundity; daughter of Njorth and sister of Frey
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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at Fire spinning from professional fairy |Joanne Freyja
P PrimeOne Insurance Company 014117 Freyja Holdings, Inc.
MODERN PENTATHLON Freyja Prentice launches her bid today for an individual final place at the European Championships in Bath.
Loving son Michael, Daughter-in-law Bev, Grandchildren Wayne, Carly and Tamlyn, Greatgrandchildren Ellie, Jake, Freyja and Grace.
Mhairi Spence will have the chance to repeat her 2012 World Championship triumph this week in Berlin after she replaced an injured Freyja Prentice in the GB pentathlon squad.
LINGARD Les Cherished husband of Helen, dearly beloved dad of Kate and darling grandad of Freyja, Florence and Stanley.
Precious nanny to Sophia, Olivia, Freyja, Nathan and Finlay.
Yet, after a few sessions with personal trainer Freyja Spence at Toronto's Fortis Fitness, surrounded by guys in sweat-stained shorts and hard rock radio echoing off the industrial-strength equipment, Meiss quickly became a convert.
Thormar, [1,2] ([dagger]) Bjarki Gudmundsson, [1,2] ([dagger]) Freyja Eiriksdottir, [2] Siyoen Kil, [3] Gudmundur H.
Rowena Williams and the late Peter Williams, caring and devoted father of Gabrielle, Huw and Eleri Wyn, fond father-in-law of Nigel, June and Peter, cherished taid of Ben, Keely, Zoe, Jason, George, Freyja, Lily, April, Osian and Elicia and a dear brother of Brenda and Ken.
Selected via an open-call, this year's residents will be Freyja Sewell, Harry Trimble and Oscar Medley-Whitfield, Lawrence Lek and Yuri Suzuki.
In 2002 she was exported in foal to South Africa, where she produced twins in a subsequent pregnancy for owners Gustav and Glynis Karlsson, of the Freyja Stud.