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n.1.(Old Eng. Law) The pledge and tithing, afterwards called by the Normans frankpledge. See Frankpledge.
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Re 2018/2019 covers an area of approximately 5~735 km2 and includes the cantons of friborg, geneva, neuchtel and vaud, as well as a defined buffer zone.
Y las SEC de aculturacion se relacionaron con los sintomas depresivos y de trastorno por estres postraumatico, teniendo un considerable impacto sobre el bienestar de los adolescentes refugiados (Lincoln, Lazarevic, White y Ellis, 2015), y tambien se asociaron con los sintomas depresivos en menores refugiados no acompanados (Keles, Friborg, Idsoe, Sirin y Oppedal, 2016).
Radioaktivitat der Umwelt in der Schweiz, Friborg, Suisse, Environ.
A 33-item Resilience Scale for Adults was used by Friborg and colleagues (2003) to determine the level of psychological resilience of the workforce and adapted to Turkish by Basim ve Cetin (2011).
2010; Johnsen & Friborg, 2015), the current study is among the first to directly compare treatment outcomes across the two groups.
As a result, it is not surprising to read that 'CBT is roughly half as effective in treating depression as it used to be' and is falling out of favour (Johnsen and Friborg, 2015: p 1).
Varias escalas han sido disennadas para evaluar la resiliencia en adultos entre las que destacan la Resilience Scale de Wagnild y Young (1993), la Resilience Scalefor Adults de Friborg, Hjemdal, Rosenvinge y Martinussen (2003) y, sobre todo, la Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) de Connor y Davidson (2003).
Hjemdal, Friborg, Stiles, Martinussen, and Rosenvinge (2006) defined resilience as "protective factors, processes, and mechanisms that, despite experiences with stressors shown to carry significant risk for developing psychopathology, contribute to a good outcome" (p.
Resilience was measured by scores on the Resilience Scale for Adults (RSA; Friborg et al.
Nevertheless, no validation has been made to date with a clinical obese Spanish sample, despite that questionnaire has proven particularly useful among this population (Gade, Rosenvinge, Hjelmesaeth, & Friborg, 2014).