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(ˌfrɪdʒ ɪˈdɛər)
a brand of electric refrigerator.
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Fridgidaire Gallery stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, tumbled marble back splash and wine rack.
And often at the fridgidaire My mind is filled with doubt, Have I just been putting food away Or come to take some out?
The program, when first highlighted at the NECO's 2006 Fall Expo, included white goods brands Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, Fridgidaire and Amana.
Personally, I may have loved to cook as a child, but it was difficult to make the gourmet meals of my dreams in my Easy Bake Oven or stock the best ingredients in my mustard-yellow faux Fridgidaire.
Pasteurizing poses it's own problems because I don't have a reliable source of ice for rapid cooling, and my 1950s Fridgidaire is taxed when I put three gallons of hot milk in at one time.
So when we were trying to get information from Maytag and Amana and Fridgidaire, [they said] "Why would I give you information if you're just going to treat Whirlpool better?
Cobb company advertised that one could "stop sweltering and start relaxing" with its Fridgidaire unit, which provided "Mountain Crisp comfort all summer long.
Johansson admitted the merger results from the recognition that Fridgidaire is the number-three player in the North American white-goods market.
He stressed, however, that the merger didn't represent a vote of no-confidence in Fridgidaire.