Friedrich August Wolf

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Noun1.Friedrich August Wolf - German classical scholar who claimed that the Iliad and Odyssey were composed by several authors (1759-1824)
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Yet, the idea was older than that, one of its main early protagonists being Friedrich August Wolf (Prolegomena ad Homerum, 1795, reprinted by Princeton University Press in 1985).
The abbe d'Aubignac (1604-1676), humanist, poet, and theater critic, is better known to literary history for his groundbreaking work on the multiple and illiterate authorship of the Iliad, Conjectures academiques ou dissertation sur l'Iliade d'Homere--known to Friedrich August Wolf, who stole the glory--and especially the Pratiques du theatre (1657); he is also, among other works, the author of a kind of key to the language of preciosite, the Histoire du temps ou la relation du royaume de coqueterie.

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