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Noun1.friendly takeover - a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company
takeover - a change by sale or merger in the controlling interest of a corporation
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Major financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic requiring government assistance, either in direct bail-out or in facilitating friendly takeovers, massive swings in the stock market indices, and the suspension of short-selling to protect institutions from runs on their stock.
Talbot: I predict that there will be far fewer players and much more consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, some of which won't be the traditional friendly takeovers.
However, consolidation in Europe is not seen as an easy task, with many regulatory hurdles, alliance relationships and related factors making only friendly takeovers possible.
A number of management teams in the region have been encouraged to seek friendly takeovers, or take their quoted companies into private hands.
Although INDOPCO clarified the law as it pertains to target corporations in successful friendly takeovers, issues remain regarding the deductibility of expenses related to failed or abandoned transactions, expenses related to fighting hostile takeovers, expenses related to searching for white knights, expenses related to divisive reorganizations, expenses related to proxy fights, and costs of obtaining financing to redeem shares to prevent a hostile takeover, among others.
Perhaps more significant than the narrow ruling relating to friendly takeovers was the direction the Court took in deciding INDOPCO.