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n.1.Same as Friesic, n.
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This gentleman is this afternoon arrived from Denmark; and that is my Lord Ride, who came yesterday from Bagdat; here is Captain Friese, from Cape Turnagain; and Captain Symmes, from the interior of the earth; and Monsieur Jovaire, who came down this morning in a balloon; Mr.
There are many great supporting characters in the show, including Heidi Friese as Gloria, Alex's friend who dreams of becoming another '80s video vixen like Madonna.
Also on the bill was The Magic Box Starring Robert Donat about the life of the inventor of moving pictures William Friese Greene.
Friese said that the results of the research reveal that a perception of it being less risky leads to greater use among teenagers than the actual number of medical marijuana licenses available.
Klaus Friese, a gynecologist and director of the Women's Hospital of the University of Munich.
Friese describes this view as "genetic essentialism.
CEO Don Friese has built an extraordinary organization that has enjoyed exceptional growth.
His photo shows that Herr Friese was a "Jaeger" (private) of the elite Luftwaffe Fallschirmjaeger and, thus a member of the air force, rather than the German army.
CONTACT: Nick Friese of DM2 Events, +1-203-523-0139, nick@digitalpublishingconference.
Byline: GUEST VIEWPOINT By Megan Friese For The Register Guard
With over 60 years of developing cash management solutions we listen to our customers and deliver solutions that meet their changing business needs", said Rick Friese, SVP Sales and Marketing for Glory (U.
In 1944 Bernard Friese was a teenage German soldier, already decorated for bravery,when the allies launched Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation of all time.