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Noun1.frontal sinus - one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bonefrontal sinus - one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bone
sinus - any of various air-filled cavities especially in the bones of the skull
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A sheep rhinosinusitis model was adapted to simulate Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in sheep frontal sinuses.
Stents have been used for more than a century to prevent stenosis, improve mucosalization, and maintain the functional patency of the paranasal sinuses, especially in the frontal sinuses.
The frontal sinuses over your eyes; the ethmoids between your eyes; the sphenoids in the upper part of your nose behind your eyes, and the maxillary sinuses inside your cheekbones.
Paranasal sinus computerized tomography (CT) revealed a hypodense mass lesion that filled both frontal sinuses and right ethmoidal cells, caused erosion in the bone structures, and drooped into the right orbital extraconal area eroding the right lamina papricea (Figure 1).
Ventilation and drainage of maxillary and frontal sinuses are re-established via their natural ostia.
Sphenoid and frontal sinuses were less commonly involved as demonstrated in CT scan of present study.
In FLA Type, I or Type II with large frontal sinuses, the treatment of the opened frontal sinus was difficult.
This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of three different endoscopes in sinuscopic evaluation of the maxillary, palatine and frontal sinuses of cattle in a postmortem study.
Sinusitis may be a sequalae to cornuectomy, if frontal sinuses are open and exposed to dust, hay, straw particles, rain or snow.
This expanded indication allows Intersect ENT to market placement of Propel mini in the frontal sinuses, located behind the eyebrows.
Complications while operating on the frontal sinuses (above the eyes) could be the penetration of a bone that is connected to the brain due to which there could be a leakage of brain fluid, causing further complications.