frozen section

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fro·zen sec·tion

n. corte por congelación, espécimen de tejido fino que se toma y congela inmediatamente para ser usado en el diagnóstico de tumores.
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lt;B A person walks along a frozen section of Long Island Sound in Westport, Connecticut Spencer Platt
Intraoperative frozen section is commonly employed to evaluate the hysterectomy specimen for cancer in order to triage patients to staging during that same surgery.
The frozen section (FS) examination is made while the patient is under anaesthesia on the operating table.
Patty Vincent, director of the Frozen section, has already been involved in numerous Feld Entertainment ice and stage shows.
Tenders are invited for Cryostat Instrument for Frozen Section (03 Nos.
The current state-of-the-art method for diagnosing cancers and determining the boundary between cancer and normal tissue during surgery, called Frozen Section Analysis, is slow and sometimes inaccurate.
Frozen section, which is also known as intraoperative pathology consultation, is one of the most challenging expertise of surgical pathology practice due to many reasons, such as inadequate sampling, freezing artefacts on the tissue section and necessity of quick decision due to the limitation of time, and is being used in many surgical operations in order to choose the right procedure for the patients (1,2).
Ideally, laboratories would like to avoid overpaying for surplus capability (eg, paying for a scanner that holds 400 slides for a remote frozen section service that generates fewer than 10 slides per week; a scanner that holds up to 5 slides would be optimal for this purpose).
Keywords: Oral cavity, Squamous cell carcinoma, surgical treatment, intraoperative frozen section, accuracy.
Recurrent tumors were resected by excision 1-2 mm from the tumor's visible margin and sent to pathology for frozen section examination.
Despite the fact that they have plenty to offer health- and quality-seeking shoppers, such products are often overlooked in the frozen section, where merchandising can be problematic.