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n.1.A state of being frozen.
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Many a time, the local people themselves internalize their fixity and frozenness as advocated by rights groups and activists.
Instead of opting for emotional frozenness (Tatum, 2008), Christy forges emotionally deeper to critique her own Whiteness by stating, "I thought I was in the know but I have yet to be exposed.
Begin with fingers and/ or toes and let the wiggling gradually expand to thaw out the frozenness in the rest of the body.
According to literature that seemed to describe the therapeutic frozenness I experienced with Amy, there are some patients who tightly insulate their emotional selves as if behind a shell or wall (Barrows, 1999; Mitrani, 2001).
In this case the ticking sound of the watch--objective, neutral, "out there"--is made to match the Subject's figurative frozenness, which suggests lack of concern or indifference.
My male patients love it because it gets rid of their forehead lines without the telltale frozenness of Botox, Dysport, Xeomin.
Some of the basic criteria for an expression to be considered an idiom are their non-compositionality (Fernando and Flavell 1981) and frozenness or fixedness (Grant and Bauer 2004).
Second, it has recorded multiple plan records when one plan is frozen and another is introduced, adding an indication of frozenness to the record of the frozen plan.