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An animal, such as a chimpanzee or fruit bat, that feeds primarily on fruit.

[From frugivorous.]


(Zoology) zoology an animal that feeds primarily on fruit
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2]) would seem appropriate for these purposes, at least in the cases of the latter two tribes: the long, slender snout of glossophagines is well-suited to probing flowers, and morphometric study has shown that a short broad rostrum with a nearly continuous labial cutting surface, seen in stenodermatines, is associated with frugivory (Freeman, 1988).
Key words: Ramphastos sulfuratus, Ateles geoffroyi, Ficus, germination, dispersal, frugivory.
Part IV includes two chapters on plant-animal interactions: herbivory and frugivory.
Specialised and generalised dispersal systems constitute a paradigm (Howe, 1993) that still motivates research on frugivory and seed dispersal (Jordano et al.
Six papers comprise the introductory section on historical and theoretical aspects of frugivory and seed dispersal.
Among the three species with a wider geographic distribution, we found no association between risk of extinction and most ecological variables such as degree of frugivory or home range size.
Frugivory and seed dispersal by carnivorous mammals, and associated fruit characteristics, in undisturbed mediterranean habitats.