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Noun1.dried fruit - fruit preserved by dryingdried fruit - fruit preserved by drying    
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
dried apricot - apricots preserved by drying
prune - dried plum
raisin - dried grape
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html) sneak peek from the episode, Jack is surprised when he gets an unsweetened fruit leather strip from the school's vending machine instead of his usual chips.
Way beyond pumpkin pie, the pulp of this fleshy squash can be used in sloppy joes and savory soups, dried for fruit leather and cut into chunks and roasted.
Caramel apple, sour apple, apple fruit leather, light strawberry and raspberry, some dry chocolate, dust, wet wood, balanced sourness with a chewy texture, woody bitterness.
Approximately 1% of Mango production is utilized for processing for juice, nectars, preserves, fruit leather, dried fruit slices, frozen pulp, and as flavouring for baked goods, ice cream, yoghurt, etc.
Different fruits are available in different season but, to enjoy great taste throughout the year with fruit leather is a unique and reliable choice.
The book draws on familiar kid-friendly approaches through recipes that feature mini-meals baked in muffin tins, smoothies, homemade alternatives to store-bought treats like fruit leather and granola, and classics such as Cauliflower Mac-'n'-Cheese Bites.
Ingredients * 3 cups tahini * 1 cup nut butter * 2 cups honey * 1 cup dark chocolate chips (optional) * 8 ounces shredded coconut * 1 cup chopped almonds or nuts of your choice Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups Reader Terese Roberts makes fruit leather with her 9-year-old grandson because he loves the fruity treats, and she's able to avoid processed sugar and artificial flavors and colors.
On the sweet side, look for dried fruit mixes; coconut water; fruit leather (unsweetened or naturally sweetened); unsweetened applesauce; canned, packed in water or juice; apricots, plums or pineapples; or frozen berries.
Her favorite item, she said, was the fruit leather.
As for portability, "anything for back-to-school has to be easy and convenient to purchase, carry and use," Owen says, adding that kid-oriented items like the aforementioned aseptic juice boxes, along with apple and vegetable sauces in pouches, bread-and-spread combinations, crackers, fruit leather and dried fruit, come in "in sizes and packaging that work in lunch bags and boxes.
Spread on prepared sheet tray and bake until it is consistency of fruit leather, about 1 hour.
Experiment with different types of fruit; you can mix them together or use a squeeze bottle to create a "variegated" fruit leather.