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Noun1.dried fruit - fruit preserved by dryingdried fruit - fruit preserved by drying    
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
dried apricot - apricots preserved by drying
prune - dried plum
raisin - dried grape
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Store with fresh pieces of parchment paper between fruit leather layers in airtight container.
On the sweet side, look for dried fruit mixes; coconut water; fruit leather (unsweetened or naturally sweetened); unsweetened applesauce; canned, packed in water or juice; apricots, plums or pineapples; or frozen berries.
Her favorite item, she said, was the fruit leather.
The 2012 Can Blau ($12 a glass) from Montsant, Spain, is a blend of mazuelo, garnacha and syrah that Certo describes as ripe and juicy, with hints of blueberry jam, raspberry fruit leather and black cherries, baking spices, tarragon and vanilla.
Spread on prepared sheet tray and bake until it is consistency of fruit leather, about 1 hour.
Some old apples were best for apple jelly, some made heavenly pies, some were for drying, some perfect for making fruit leather.
4 piece green fruit leather * 6 Twinkies * chewy candies * dried fruits
Each GoGreenGift ($35) comes in a reusable, natural cotton grocery bag that is filled with two compact fluorescent light bulbs, a low-flow showerhead, an eight-ounce bag of organic Fair Trade coffee, organic tea, organic fruit leather, Jason's shampoo and conditioner, organic lip balm, and myrrh salve.
If desired, cut fruit leather into leaves and vines; arrange on top of cookies.
Stretch Island Fruit Leather is easy to eat while you're on the go and comes in such scrumptious flavors as apple, grape, apricot, blackberry, cherry, mango, strawberry, and raspberry.
The book includes old favourites like marmalade, pickled onions, kippers and tomato ketchup but also includes loads of international recipes and new ideas -- Rendang curry paste and fruit leather looks especially tempting.