Juan de Fuca

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Juan de Fu·ca

 (də fo͞o′kə, fyo͞o′-), Strait of
The southwest part of the Salish Sea, lying between northwest Washington State and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, linking Puget Sound with the Pacific Ocean.

Juan de Fuca

(ˈdʒuːən dɪ ˈfjuːkə; Spanish xwan de ˈfuka)
(Placename) Strait of Juan de Fuca a strait between Vancouver Island (Canada) and NW Washington (US). Length: about 129 km (80 miles). Width: about 24 km (15 miles)

Juan de Fu•ca

(ˈwɑn dɪ ˈfyu kə, ˈfu-, ˈʰwɑn)
Strait of, a strait between Vancouver Island and NW Washington. 100 mi. (160 km) long; 15–20 mi. (24–32 km) wide. Also called Juan′ de Fu′ca Strait′.
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Early in August, a wandering band of savages from the Strait of Juan de Fuca made their appearance at the mouth of the Columbia, where they came to fish for sturgeon.
As a result, the Juan de Fuca area may be the world's best-instrumented seafloor.
The zone separates the Juan de Fuca and North America plates, and as a new ocean floor is being created, ocean material wells up and moves toward the coasts of Washington and Oregon.
Through a joint venture partnership with Boundless Energy, LLC, Sea Breeze is also involved in development of large-scale, "smart grid" and environmentally-friendly electricity transmission projects, including the fully permitted 550 MW international "Juan de Fuca Cable", planned to interconnect Victoria, British Columbia with Port Angeles, Washington.
The Juan de Fuca plate is located along the northwestern coast of the United States.
During the four-year subsurface experiment, the research team deployed the first in situ experimental microbial observatory systems below the flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, which is located off the coast of Washington (U.
Redruth: Rule (Kenward 52-66); Bowden, Hawkey, Parsons, Notman; Penberthy, Simmons; Jacques, Gidlow (Brown 65), Morcom (Joyce 66), Cook, Bailey (Wood 56), Fuca, Hambly, Bright.
The judge did not say whether the men - Raul Tati, a priest, Francisco Luemba, a lawyer, Belchior Tati, an economist and Jose Benjamin Fuca, a former police officer- had direct links to the January attack.
Volcanism on the northern Juan de Fuca and Explorer ridges, at inter-transform pull-apart rifts, and at near-ridge seamounts close to the Juan de Fuca and Explorer ridges, produces lavas with unusually variable geochemical compositions.
Chris Fuca, Craig Bonds, Matthew Bowden and Mark Bright completed the scoring in a five-point win for the hosts.
During the flight the aircraft followed a route over the east end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and reached an altitude of 15,000 feet and an air speed of 180 knots.
These maps will help with the installation of the primary nodes of a networked observatory on the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate," he said.