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n. pl. Fu·jis
A variety of apple having fruit with greenish to red skin and yellowish crisp flesh.

[Probably partly after Fujisaki, the town in northern Honshu where the variety was developed, and partly after Mount Fuji.]


(Placename) Mount Fuji an extinct volcano in central Japan, in S central Honshu: the highest mountain in Japan, famous for its symmetrical snow-capped cone. Height: 3776 m (12 388 ft). Also known as: Fujiyama or Fuji-san


(ˈfu dʒi)

a dormant volcano in central Japan, on Honshu island: highest mountain in Japan. 12,395 ft. (3778 m). Also called Fu•ji•ya•ma (ˌfu dʒiˈyɑ mə) Fu•ji•san (ˈfu dʒiˌsɑn)


A Nigerian musical style that developed in the second half of the 20th century.
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Noun1.fuji - shrubby Japanese cherry tree having pale pink blossomsfuji - shrubby Japanese cherry tree having pale pink blossoms
flowering cherry - any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Prunus cultivated for their showy white or pink single or double blossoms
2.fuji - an extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in JapanFuji - an extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in Japan; last erupted in 1707; famous for its symmetrical snow-capped peak; a sacred mountain and site for pilgrimages
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
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