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Fu·jian 1

 (fo͞o′jyän′) also Fu·kien (-kyĕn′)
A province of southeast China on the East China Sea and Taiwan Strait. Fuzhou is the capital.

Fu·jian 2

 (fo͞o′jyän′) also Fu·kien (-kyĕn′) or Fu·kie·nese (-kyə-nēz′, -nēs′)
A variety of Chinese spoken in Fujian province, eastern Guangdong province, and Taiwan.



also Fukien

a province in SE China opposite Taiwan. 31,830,000; 47,529 sq. mi. (123,000 sq. km). Cap.: Fuzhou.
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Noun1.Fukien - any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien provinceFukien - any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province
Chinese - any of the Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in China; regarded as dialects of a single language (even though they are mutually unintelligible) because they share an ideographic writing system
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Clonorchiasis in South Fukien with special reference to the discovery of crayfishes as second intermediate host.
Celedio said the victim spoke little English while the suspects spoke only Fukien.
Long, secretary of the Navy, were also strong proponents of acquiring a base in China and made a formal request to Secretary Hay to look into obtaining permission for a naval base in Samsah Bay in Fukien.
The carvings come from the southern China provinces of Fukien, Hunan and the Pearl River Delta, with some retaining the dated dedication slips on the back showing when they were consecrated for use in the temple where they served.
As my interviews in traditional hometown associations showed, senior members of the Fukien Hoyu Village American Association were busiest carrying out two ceremonies for their fellow townspersons, weddings and funerals.
17) The Zhu-fan-zhi (Records of Foreign Countries) written in 1225 by Zhao Rukuo, the superintendent of merchant shipping for the Chinese coastal province of Fukien, records that Luo-hu was a dependency of Zhenla.
While she doesn't look like your typical chinita, Cordoves is fluent in Fukien and Mandarin.
Distribution: China: Hainan, Kwangtung, Kiangsi, Chekiang, Fukien, Yunnan; Taiwan; Thailand; Laos; Myanmar; Malaysia; India; Vietnam: Yen Bay [probably = current Yen Bai Province], Phu Lang Thoung [= Phu Lang Thuong, part of Bac Giang Province] (Giordani Soika, 1982 (1981)).
The 140 students taking part in this year s Friend for life s journeys programme are from five secondary schools in Kwun Tong, namely Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo), Fukien Secondary School, Maryknoll Secondary School, St Antonius Girls College, and The Church of Christ in China Kei Chi Secondary School.
One group of staff and students was in Hong Kong, visiting Fukien High School.
Year-end party is the traditional custom of Fukien and Taiwan area.