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 (fo͞o′lä′nē, fo͞o-lä′-) also Fu·la (fo͞o′lə)
n. pl. Fulani or Fu·la·nis also Fula or Fu·las
1. A member of a pastoral, largely Muslim people inhabiting parts of West Africa from northern Nigeria to Mali and the Atlantic coast.
2. The Atlantic language of this people, widely used as a lingua franca in West Africa.


(ˈfuːlə) or


npl -la, -las, -lah or -lahs
1. (Peoples) a member of a pastoral nomadic people of W and central Africa, living chiefly in the sub-Sahara region from Senegal to N Cameroon: a racial mixture of light-skinned Berber peoples of the North and darker-skinned W Africans
2. (Languages) the language of this people; Fulani


(ˈfu lɑ ni, fʊˈlɑ-)

n., pl. -nis, (esp. collectively) -ni.
1. a member of a traditionally pastoral African people living in communities between the Sahara and the forest zone from Senegal and Mauritania E to Cameroon and Chad.
2. the West Atlantic language of the Fulani.
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Noun1.Fula - a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western AfricaFula - a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa; they are traditionally cattle herders of Muslim faith
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
2.Fula - a family of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the sub-Saharan regions from Senegal to Chad; the best known of the West African languages
West African - a group of languages spoken in the extreme western part of West Africa
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If we consider the Newly independent republic of South Sudan, we notice that currently it has zero hydropower plant and in its national strategic plans, it is qualified to erect around four hydropower projects which are Fula, Shukoli, Lakki and Bedden, and Sudan has plans to erect numerous new dams in addition to the newly terminated Morowe dam, these are Dal Low and Dal High, Kagbar, Dagash, Shereik and Sabaloka dams.
The minister said another pressing issue was the complete stoppage of some electricity generation projects such as the Fula electricity station because of the stoppage of funding flaw and failure to repay some of the grants services dues.
Block 6: In November 2004, CNPC brought on stream its Fula field on Block 6 in northern Sudan at the initial rate of 10,000 b/d of sour crude.
These are Fula Rapids 42 MW, Grand Fula 890 MW, Shukolli 230 MW, Lakki 410 MW and Bedden 570 MW.
19) Protracted fighting with the Portuguese army for independence fractured Guinea-Bissau's ethnic groups, with the rebel army recruiting primarily from the Balanta while the Portuguese managed to keep the loyalty of the Fula and Mandinga.
This has led to collaborations with artists such as Don Byron, Peter Apfelbaum, Mamadou Diabate, Banning Eyre, Fula Flute, Source, Dallam-Dougou, Sean Noonan, Andy Algire, David Racanelli, and many others.
The semi-nomadic, cattle-herding Fulani way of life has led to decades of conflict between Fula people and farming communities across central and northern Nigeria.
These include Ngumba, Gbaya, Fula and Mundang - as well as several Creole languages that are the result of colonisation and intermixing.
A visual observation shows that Muslim women are noted for hawking fula, groundnuts, waakye, koose, etc.
The album is called Jama Ko - which means a large gathering of people - and follows Segu Blue and I Speak Fula, both of which garnered major critical praise, the former winning BBC 3's African Album of the Year.
It is just the latest achievement of this n'goni ace whose first album Segu Blue received huge attention, and his second album I Speak Fula got a Grammy nomination.
We welcome the ward's day workers who will be with us during the shift, translating our English into French, and into the local languages Susu, Madingo and Fula.