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Noun1.planthopper - related to the leafhoppers and spittlebugs but rarely damages cultivated plants
homopteran, homopterous insect - insects having membranous forewings and hind wings
treehopper - small leaping insect that sucks juices of branches and twigs
lantern fly, lantern-fly - large brightly marked tropical insect with a process like a snout that was formerly thought to emit light
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Acht neue Arten der Gattung Hyalesthes Signoret, 1865 (Homoptera Fulgoroidea Cixiidae) aus dem Alstlichen Mittelmeergebiet.
Where known, Toxomerus larvae are predators, and preys commonly are among groups Fulgoroidea, Cercopoidea, Cicadelloidae, Aleyrodoidea, Aphidoidea, Coccoidea (Hemiptera) and Thysanoptera (Thompson, 1982).
The last character is unique within Fulgoroidea and also recorded only for Fovealvus nama Gnezdilov & Wilson, 2007 (Nogodinidae) from Namibia (Gnezdilov & Wilson 2007); in the Issidae genera Kathleenum Gnezdilov, 2004 and Balduza Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2006, each with two species from southern USA and Mexico (Gnezdilov & O'Brien 2006); and in Lethierium Dlabola, 1980, with three species from Algeria and Morocco (unpublished).
Fulgoroidea is the most studied super-family, and the reported chromosome numbers range from 2n = 19(Xo) to 2n = 37(Xo) in males (Maryanska-Nadachowska et al.
This group, often referred as Fulgoroidea in the literature, and commonly named planthoppers (Figs.
The tribe Hiraciini Melichar, 1914 was removed from the Tropiduchidae by Fennah (1982) and remains unplaced within the Fulgoroidea (Gnezdilov 2013b).
El suborden de hemipteros Auchenorrhyncha comprende a los insectos chupadores de savia de las superfamilias Cercopoidea (salivazos; Cercopidae, Aphrophoridae), Cicadoidea (cigarras; Cicadidae), Membracoidea (chicharritas y periquitos; Cicadellidae, Membracidae) y Fulgoroidea (Cixiidae, Derbidae, Flatidae, Issidae).
Collecting data and previously recorded host plants are provided for 26 species of Fulgoroidea in 12 genera and 5 families; nymphs of 13 fulgoroid species were observed.