full monty

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full mon·ty

n. Slang
The full range of possibilities; everything. Used with the.

[From British slang, perhaps after Sir Montague Burton (1885-1952), British tailor whose customers purchasing a two-piece suit could add a waistcoat and an extra pair of trousers for a small charge, an option informally called the full Monty.]

full monty

the full monty informal something in its entirety
[of unknown origin]

full′ mon′ty

(ˈmɒn ti)

Chiefly Brit. Slang. the, the whole thing; everything that can or should be included.
[1985–90;orig. uncertain; perhaps from Montague Burton, British tailors, with reference to the purchase of a full (3-piece) suit as being "the full Monty"]
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