Full age

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(Law) the age at which one attains full personal rights; majority; - in England and the United States the age of 21 years.
- Shak.

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Many a time I had seen a couple of boys, strangers, meet by chance, and say simultaneously, "I can lick you," and go at it on the spot; but I had always imagined until now that that sort of thing belonged to children only, and was a sign and mark of childhood; but here were these big boobies sticking to it and taking pride in it clear up into full age and beyond.
Yet remember What I foretell thee; soon thou shalt have cause To wish thou never hadst rejected, thus Nicely or cautiously, my offered aid, Which would have set thee in short time with ease On David's throne, or throne of all the world, Now at full age, fulness of time, thy season, When prophecies of thee are best fulfilled.
She looked her full age, and a year or two more, as she lay thinking, with her head on her hand, and her elbow on the pillow.
Across the full age spectrum of adults with treatment-resistant depression, however, the magnitude of the increased risk associated with treatment-resistant depression is less extreme than in the 18- to 29-year-olds.
The Committee on Citizen Relations (CCR) began the consideration of Bill 115, An Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations, following special consultations held in January.
The patients of a district nurse will cross the full age spectrum but they are often elderly.
In the new constitution, the committee suggested that the "full age means the age of 20 years and above" and specifies that "any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.
However, Islam recognizes the concept of full age of a female when she menstruates and this has not been restricted to a particular age factor (Ishola 2014).
Shammi: These themes are very carefully chosen to represent the full age range of our potential customers, visitors and guests, which we believe are from very young to full adults.
As from the date on which this section comes into force a person shall attain full age on attaining the age of eighteen instead of on attaining the age of twenty-one; and a person shall attain full age on that date if he has then already attained the age of eighteen but not the age of twenty-one.
Insurance: Individuals employed by the Employer under a contract of employment, appointment, selection, appointment, as well as spouses and life partners, children of full age, prosecutors.