Full bottom

a hull of such shape as permits carrying a large amount of merchandise.
a kind of wig full and large at the bottom.

See also: Bottom, Full

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Those with a heartshaped face should opt for teacup frames which have a wide, full bottom that balances out a smaller chin.
1 Red or Dead (30524323) PS99 2 Kylie Minogue, (30520196) PS99 3 Specsavers (30516311) PS69 4 Titanium (30404250) PSLinda Teacup frames have a wide or full bottom, which is perfect for balancing a smaller chin in classic heart shapes.
And writing the letter 'F' with a full bottom loop shows that she is sensual and likes fine wine and good food.
A tough, waterproof polyethylene (PE) outer-woven sleeve tucks underneath the bin to secure the container and provide full bottom support.
a futon manufacturer, is introducing its first bunk bed system, the Telluride model, in 100 percent hardwood, with a twin upper bunk and a full bottom bunk.
Finished packs feature a full bottom panel, with the result that sleeve design costs are minimised when converting from hand to machine applied sleeves.
The line takes T-Fal's Armaral concept of steel disk reinforcement to the pans' bottoms and extends the disk to encompass the full bottom of the pan.