Full hand

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(Poker) three of a kind and a pair.

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That instead, therefore, of arriving among their friends, the Nez Perces, with light hearts and full hands, they came naked, hungry, and broken down; and instead of making them presents, must depend upon them even for food.
The viscount put his two full hands close to my lantern.
But the impossibility of any result; the poverty of the young man; a vague hope of enriching herself, of going to Paris, and returning with full hands to say, "I love you
And there I shivered on that wretched plank, chained like Andromeda to the rock, with a black infinity above and below; and before my eyes, now grown familiar with the peculiar darkness, stood Lord Ernest Belville, waiting for Raffles to emerge with full hands and unsuspecting heart
He has a proven track-record in the pharmaceutical industry, having served in the most reputable multi-national companies, with a full hand responsibility on the business operations, financials and administration.
45 Leicester, nap) Progressive three-year-old who gave the impression he didn't show his full hand when winning at Doncaster last time.
Your opponent still has a full hand, while you're left with an empty board and a sad face.
We still have a couple of training sessions to go before the game, but at this point we are hopeful of having a full hand to play with," said Ryan.
WALES are unlikely to reveal their full hand in this season's Six Nations as the World Cup countdown gathers pace.
Meanwhile, the series continues to drip-feedus little clues without ever showing us its full hand.
EXCLUSIVE CRAIG SWAN POLAND manager Adam Nawalka last night started the psychological war with Scotland ahead of the Euro 2016 qualifiers - by insisting he will show Gordon Strachan his full hand on Wednesday.
And with few injuries to report, they at least have a full hand from which to pick.