Full pay

the whole amount of wages or salary; maximum pay; especially, the highest pay or allowance to civil or military officers of a certain rank, without deductions.

See also: Pay

References in classic literature ?
When I tried to pin him down to what my home life had to do with swerving the university from its high ideal, he offered me a two years' vacation, on full pay, in Europe, for recreation and research.
They went to the opera often of evenings--to those snug, unassuming, dear old operas in the German towns, where the noblesse sits and cries, and knits stockings on the one side, over against the bourgeoisie on the other; and His Transparency the Duke and his Transparent family, all very fat and good-natured, come and occupy the great box in the middle; and the pit is full of the most elegant slim-waisted officers with straw-coloured mustachios, and twopence a day on full pay.
Axcelis' program provides full benefits to reservists for two years, and full pay for the first month of leave.
NEW mums could be entitled to full pay for the first 18 weeks of their maternity leave under new EU plans.
A police officer who knocked down a woman on a pedestrian crossing, leaving her in a coma, is still on full pay despite his criminal conviction.
A MATHS teacher convicted of having child porn images on his computer is still on full pay, almost two years after being suspended.
A spokesperson for Cardiff County Council said: ``Our policy on paternity leave is one week full pay at any time, arranged alongside the management.
Miss Ackroyd, who was suspended on full pay in February last year, is believed to be at the centre of allegations concerning her clinical practices.
Martin and Parker were suspended on full pay on March 25 in relation to an alleged assault in May 1997.
If you don't believe us, choke your boss and see whether you get to keep your job at full pay like Golden State Warriors star Latrell Sprewell.
26 percent of all employers offered full pay to employees who get
Another plan revealed to The Journal by workers involves staff working on full pay but reduced production until March, then doing extra hours when work increases All production workers at the site were sent home yesterday to start the annual Christmas break two days earlier than planned.