Fully committed

(Law) committed to prison for trial, in distinction from being detained for examination.

See also: Fully

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Grimes told Nursing Homes, "Because our members are fully committed to the quality care and safety of our residents.
The 46-year-old German had previously indicated he would consider playing if he automatically qualified for the 12-man line-up, but he is now fully committed to being the captain.
ONE of Britain's largest pub chains yesterday said they remain fully committed to Scotland, despite fears about the impact of the planned smoking ban.
We are excited and fully committed to fully integrate our cast plate products, both mold and precision tool and jig, into the marketplace," he adds.
This community of various Protestant traditions is today fully committed to homosexuality and abortion as personal rights, to be protected under the equality provisions of civil law.
I have to say we are fully committed to deliver the airplanes for the date we have indicated, October 2007, at all levels of my company.
Jeff and I are fully committed to developing the city's premier commercial real estate services organization, one focused squarely on supporting the needs of clients.
Although we are eliminating our agricultural implement product lines, we remain fully committed to our agricultural equipment dealers and customers through our continuing supply of compact equipment and ongoing parts and service support for the ag implement product lines.
I want people fully committed to the cause, and that's what I've decided.
Combine that with their seat on our Partner Technical Expert Council and CBE's customers benefit from working with a technology partner that is fully committed to deploying and supporting a solutions portfolio that meets their emerging technology needs.
Nautilus is driving growth by bringing innovative branded fitness products to consumers wherever they shop and exercise and we are fully committed to protecting the intellectual property of our innovative brands.
As members of this community, we are fully committed to working alongside our neighbors to re-build the areas that have been damaged and destroyed.

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