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Noun1.Fulmarus - fulmarsFulmarus - fulmars        
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Procellariidae, Procellariidae - petrels; fulmars; shearwaters;
fulmar, fulmar petrel, Fulmarus glacialis - heavy short-tailed oceanic bird of polar regions
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Sea birds trapped by gillnets include the Laysan albatross (Diomedea immortabilis) Fulmarus (Fulmarus glacialis) Shear water (Pufinus griseus) and Tufted Puffins (Launda cirrhata).
Monitoring plastic ingestion by the northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis in the North Sea.
The majority of by catch in the longline fisheries during 2002-06 consisted of northern fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis (39%); gulls, Larus spp.
Fulmarus glacialis, es otra de las especies reportadas por Escofet et al.
In contrast, egg size had little effect on survival in the Fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis (Ollason and Dunnet 1986), and Short-tailed Shearwater, Puffinus tenuirostris (Meathrel et al.
Hundreds of kilometers from the edge of the ice, during the winter there are also other major predators, such as beaked whales (Mesoplodon), Antarctic fur seal (Arctocephalus gazella), southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina), or several petrels and fulmars (Macronectes giganteus, Fulmarus glacialoides, Daption capense, Pagodroma nivea).
Porcentaje Albatros de Thalassarche EN 97 55,7 ceja negra melanophris Albatros Diomedea VU 23 13,2 errante exulans Petrel negro Procellaria VU 21 12,1 grande aequinoctialis Albatros de Thalassarche NT 11 6,3 buller bulleri Albatros de Thalassarche VU 6 3,4 salvin salvini Albatros de Thalassarche VU 6 3,4 cabeza gris chrysostoma Albatros real Diomedea VU 3 1,7 epomophora Petrel damero Daption LC 3 1,7 o moteado capense Petrel gigante Macronectes NT 1 0,6 antartico giganteus Petrel gigante Macronectes NT 1 0,6 subantartico halli Petrel Fulmarus LC 1 0,6 plateado glacialoides Ave del Phaethon LC 1 0,6 tropico de lepturus cola blanca Total 174 100 * Categoria de riesgo de las especies.
Age, experience and other factors affecting the breeding success of the fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis, in Orkney.
Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis numbers appear to be in slow decline in Canada (Gaston et al.
The influence of age and experience on breeding performances of the Antarctic fulmar, Fulmarus glacialoides.