n.1.A salted and smoked fish, as the pilchard.
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Contract notice: Landscaping roundabout fumades - rd 16 / rd 241 allegre-les-fumades
common market to the land roundabout FUMADES - RD 16 / RD 241 Allegre-les-Fumades.
Apres une etape longue de 157km entre NEmes et Les Fumades, Coquard a leve les bras pour la premiere fois sous le maillot vert.
Located at Allegre les Fumades, it's a great base to explore the Gorges de l'Ardeche and the spectacular Pont du Gard aqueduct.
We stayed with Keycamp holidays at Camping Domaine des Fumades, set in the foothills of the stunning Cevennes mountain range.
We arrived at the end of one of the hottest French summers ever, so with the temperature still above 30degC the Dyson boys were keen to make immediate use of the impressive pool complex that occupies pride of place at Domaine des Fumades.
The site was at Fumades les Bains, so named for its long tradition of thermal therapeutic waters for bathing in and drinking.
A Canvas Holidays all-inclusive package for two adults and two children camping at Fumades les Bains in the south of France - including Motorail option Calais to Avignon return - starts at pounds 805 for a fortnight.