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23] researched a simple and convenient route to efficiently functionalize nanoscale material on the surface of CNTs by entailing click coupling between azide moiety-functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) and alkyne-functionalized multi-walled CNTs.
The research in this report is being undertaken to compare the effectiveness to functionalize glass surfaces with long chain silanes versus a short chain moiety, chlorotrimethylsilane (Si (CH3)3 Cl) (CTMS).
Thus, the same chemical platform would allow us to functionalize two different families of important chemical compounds highlighting the impact that the technology presented in this proposal could have in the organic chemistry field.
Its "powerful yet gentle" inline atmospheric-pressure treatment can clean, etch, and functionalize a wide range of materials (such as PTFE) that would otherwise be unresponsive.
of Colorado, Boulder, to place nanothick films on individual primary ultrafine particles to functionalize them.
For comparison, the surfactants Tween 80 and Triton X-100 were also used to functionalize MWNTs.
Therefore, Friedel-Crafts acylation is a suitable method to functionalize MWCNTs with different reactive substituted groups in which this method can enhance dispersion and compatibility of MWCNTs in polymer matrix.
These windows are access channels among the adjacent macropores, and are crucial for substance diffusion between the macropores, which make it possible to functionalize the frameworks of 3DOM CLPS and provide convenient diffusion channels for metal ions into the interior of 3DOM CLPS.
These results clearly suggest that the temperatures, UHMWPE concentrations, CNT contents, and the method used to functionalize CNTs have a significant influence on the dispersion and transmittance properties of the CNTs of the gel solutions.
Many techniques have been used to functionalize CNTs, including esterfication (21), layer-by-layer self-assembly (22), radical polymerization (23), surfactant-aided noncovalent functionalization (24), in situ polymerization (25), (26), ring-opening polymerization (27), atom transfer radical polymerization (28), (29), and microwave-induced radical polymerization (30), One of these techniques, microwave-induced radical polymerization is quite fast and efficient.
5 wt% was used to modify and functionalize CNTs for well-dispersing in UHMWPE/CNTs gel solutions, in which [PE.