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1. One that performs an operation or a function.
2. Grammar See function word.

[New Latin fūnctor, from Latin fūnctiō, performance, function; see function.]


1. (Grammar) (in grammar) a function word or form word
2. (Mathematics) (in mathematics) a function that maps elements of one set to those of another


(ˈfʌŋk tər)

that which functions; operator.
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This means that, given possibilities available via functor incorporation, we have three functors to satisfy the requirements of read, (6), with John, via secondary functorhood, as a plausible {erg} referential, and it as an {abs }.
Topics include loading and unloading assemblies dynamically, parsing numbers from buffers, the overloaded return type and property, marker interfaces and their dependencies, the factory pattern, and functors.
Local errors, on the other hand, affect single elements in a sentence and include, for example, errors in morphology or morphological functors.
A morphism of species is a natural transformation of functors.
The manual pages describe the signatures, structures, and functors specified by the Library, and their semantics.
Bert and Charlie are categorially names which depend on functors bearing the semantic-relational features {erg,loc} and {abs} respectively; the functors here (elsewhere realised as e.
Practitioner Reese overviews the features of the library, error handling and namespaces, then reviews the standard template library, including iterators, interator adapters, containers, functors and algorithms, then gives 100 extended tips, with code and samples on containers in general, vectors, deques, lists, associative containers, algorithms, and text and numerical processing.
In a standard way, every poset can be considered as a category, and monotone mappings between posets can be considered as functors.
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