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a.1.One who has money invested in the public funds.
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She surely must be the "Jeannet Hare" recorded in 1861 as living as a lodger at 184 Sloane St, Chelsea, and listed as aged 48, unmarried, fundholder, born in the East Indies and a British subject.
In photos posted on the site, Mrs Cooper is pictured with BNP leader Nick Griffin, party activist Angelos Gavriel and Martin Vaughan, the party's fundholder for South Tyneside.
The test data were drawn, in part, from a 'parent' investigation, a large-scale study reported internally to South West Directors of Social Work by two of the members of the research team: fundholder and co-organiser, Geraldine Macdonald, and research associate, Ioannis Kakavelakis (Macdonald and Kakavelakis, 2004).
And plans to devolve budgets from trusts to family GPs is a Labour version of the Tories' derided GP fundholder scheme, say opponents.
Despite the outreach program coming under the organisational umbrella of Miwatj Health, control effectively remained in non-Indigenous hands, as the fundholder for the grant was the Nhulunbuy Town Corporation; WCL funds were allocated through local government organisations.
15-48) described it most enterprises were state-owned and most producers were agents of a government principal, usually a minister acting as the legal fundholder.
The role of the fundholder was to act as a banker, to release funding on the direction of the community decision-making body; and to ensure that appropriate accountability was maintained.
The leaders of the BMA's GP committee give the impression that they were happier under the Tories running fundholder practices, which was an unfair system as it gave richer areas such as Bearsden in Glasgow a better service than poorer parts of the city.
When attacked in parliament for appearing to take the side of the mercantile classes, Ricardo "denied that he was interested either as a mercantile man or as a fundholder.
We have the opportunity to refer patients to England but having experience of being a fundholder in the past, patients unfortunately do not want to travel.
I appreciate that my doctor needs to keep his costs down as he is a fundholder but I don't want my health to suffer as a result.
They have now told Hannah's family doctor that they can no longer afford to pay, and he must foot the bill because he is a GP fundholder.