Funding system

a system or scheme of finance or revenue by which provision is made for paying the interest or principal of a public debt.

See also: Funding

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NORTH East schools are to enjoy a PS33m funding increase, thanks to a new funding system announced yesterday Funding for Durham schools will be increased by PS8m, while Newcastle gets PS5.
Education Secretary Justine Greening today (14 September) confirmed details of a new fairer funding system for schools in England, putting an end to the historic postcode lottery that saw huge differences in funding between similar schools in different parts of the country.
Citing the Illinois Civil Rights Act, the city is seeking to have the state's school funding system invalidated, the (http://www.
Paul Bettencourt, a Patrick ally who is pushing for a transition to some type of performance-based funding system.
UKIP have pledged to axe a discredited and unfair funding system which sees less money going to schools, hospitals and police forces in the West Midlands than in Scotland - even though Scotland is richer.
AN unfair funding system which means the North East is starved of transport cash must end - but changes planned by the Government could make the situation worse, MPs have warned.
Further, the new funding system will also unify healthcare providers in Qatar through a single classification and coding of diseases.
The Sovereign Grant replaces the old funding system of the Civil List and grants-in-aid and came into full effect at the start of the new financial year which began yesterday.
Washington State's experience with the SAI offers clear lessons about the process of developing, implementing, and monitoring a performance funding system.
The NASUWT has repeatedly called for the school funding system to be reformed.
Summary: A new funding system for end-of-life care would save millions of pounds and create a fairer system, according to a review.
BUS passengers will be hit with years of fare hikes and service cuts unless the bus funding system is reformed, council leaders warned.
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