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Noun1.Fundulus - killifishFundulus - killifish        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Cyprinodontidae, family Cyprinodontidae - large family of small soft-finned fishes; killifishes; flagfishes; swordtails; guppies
Fundulus heteroclitus, mummichog - silver-and-black killifish of saltwater marshes along the Atlantic coast of the United States
Fundulus majalis, may fish, mayfish, striped killifish - black-barred fish of bays and coastal marshes of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the United States
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Vitellogenesis in male Fundulus heteroclitus (Killifish) induced by selected estrogenic compounds.
Labridae) proves to be new, excluding from consideration several land-locked species of Fundulus.
Respiratory responses of the salt march animals, Fundulus heteroclitus, Leiostomus xanthurus, and Palaemonetes pugio to environmental hypoxia and hypercapnia and to the organophosphate pesticide, azinphos methyl.
reticulata) and a few other locally available fish species (Aphanius, Oreochromis, Fundulus and other Killi fishes) had been successfully field-tested and utilized against vector mosquito in a variety of situations and have been found self-sustainable for longer periods.
The Fundulus lineolatus complex includes both eastern and western forms with only one population of the western form found in the study area.
Updated COSEWIC status report on the banded killifish, Fundulus diaphanus, Newfoundland population in Canada.
the modern distribution of Fundulus sciadicus suggests southeastward displacement of that species from a place of origin in the central plains into the northern and western parts of the Interior Highlands, where relict populations persist.
Several species are reported from the Eleven Point (Notropis sabinae, Percina evides, Percina sclera and Percina vigil), Saline (Opsopoeodus emillae and Fundulus cluysotus), Spring (Moxostoma earinatum), Strawberry (Ichthyomyzon castaneus) and Petit Jean (Ichthyomyzon gagei) river watersheds for the first time.
La mayoria de los trabajos coincide en que las celulas cloro son mas grandes en peces marinos que en los de agua dulce en todas las etapas, pero se menciona a Fundulus heteroclitus como una excepcion.