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 (fyo͝or′ăn′, fyo͝o-răn′)
1. A colorless, volatile, heterocyclic organic compound, C4H4O, obtained from wood oils and used primarily in organic synthesis. Also called furfuran.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.


(ˈfjʊəræn; fjʊəˈræn)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless flammable toxic liquid heterocyclic compound, used in the manufacture of cotton textiles and in the synthesis of nylon. Formula: C4H4O. Also called: furfuran
[C19: shortened form of furfuran, from furfur]


(ˈfyʊər æn, fyʊˈræn)

a colorless, liquid, unsaturated, five-membered heterocyclic compound, C4H4O, obtained from furfural: used chiefly in organic synthesis.
[1890–95; shortening of furfuran < German Furfuran (1879); see furfural, -an2]
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Noun1.furan - a colorless toxic flammable liquid used in the synthesis of nylon
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
nitrofuran - derivative of furan used to inhibit bacterial growth
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Conventional dioxins and furans, toxic compounds that are usually the product of incomplete combustion, have chlorine atoms at up to eight sites per molecule.
Opponents answer not only are they dirtying their own backyard but everyone else's for hundreds of kilometres around if leaks from the plant release PCBs, dioxins and furans into the air and water.
Further, these benefits are obtained without adversely impacting the environmental, reclamation or other advantageous properties of furans.
A recent EPA study found that household trash burned in a single backyard barrel releases more dioxins, furans and other pollutants than tons of garbage burned by a municipal waste incinerator serving thousands.
Eurofins' dioxin laboratories GfA (Munster and Hamburg), ERGO (Hamburg), Oekometric (Bayreuth) and LEM (Strasbourg) are the world market leaders in the sampling and analysis of dioxins and perform more than 20,000 analyses of dioxins, furans and dioxin-like PCBs a year.
Contract award: Dioxins, furans and PCBs analysis of seabed sediments.
On the basis of the recommended inclusion rate for animal feed, the levels of dioxins and furans are below the regulatory limits.
The goal of the treaty is to "rid the world of PCBs, dioxins and furans, and nine highly dangerous pesticides," according to the United Nations Environment Programme.
Releases of unintentionally produced by-products listed in the Convention (dioxins, furans, PCBs and HCB ) are subject to continuous minimisation with, as objective, the ultimate elimination where feasible.
Soil from the dumps had much higher concentrations of the dioxins and furans than the other sites did.
1 1994 all Canadian pulp mills, including Sturgeon Falls, must reduce the level of dioxins and furans in their waste water to levels which cannot be measured by specific procedures.
The surface and shallow ground water became contaminated with benzene, toluenes, xylenes, zinc oxide, phenols and ammonia, as well as trace amounts of polychlorinated dioxins and furans.