Fuse plug

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1.(Ordnance) A plug fitted to the fuse hole of a shell to hold the fuse.
2.A fusible plug that screws into a receptacle, used as a fuse in electric wiring.
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placement of silty clay and red sand material at the site of the existing fuse plug to raise the embankment crest to the same level as that of the adjoining existing level.
We also realized the hot brakes on our port mainmount has caused the wheel-tire fuse plug a blow.
Procurement Purchase of Specific Products - Electric Switching or Protecting Electrical Circuits (Safety Data Sheet) - Is Required to Conduct Inspections and Repair Works On Equipment: Replacement Fuse Plug That Do Not Meet the Technical of Traffic Safety Facilities Scb, to Avoid Risks to the Possibility of Increasing Currents Above the Permissible Limits, Given the Poor State of the Cable Networks.