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n.1.(Chem.) A hot, acrid, oily liquid, accompanying many alcoholic liquors (as potato whisky, corn whisky, etc.), as an undesirable ingredient, and consisting of several of the higher alcohols and compound ethers, but mostly of amyl alcohol;
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As the distillation continues, the temperature increases, and Karasz begins to notice some cloudiness in the spirits, signifying the presence of fusel alcohols, known as "the tails.
for a variety of electrical work, a set of objects 21; cutting on bakelite bunch, grinding silicon carbide, diameter 180 mm; Technology, Extra brand, the mass concentration of fusel oil in anhydrous alcohol, no more than 4 mg
Fusel oil, released into the water whenever coffee grounds are boiled, causes bitterness; however, fusel oil is not released into water at less than boiling temperatures.
Dehydration of alcohols present in fusel oil and its conversion to alkenes using a HZSM-5 zeolite
The first [five] percent of the run, aka the foreshots or heads, contains large amounts of cogeners, or volatile chemical compounds such as acetone, aldehydes, esters, and fusel oils.
Tyrosol, tryptophol and phenylethanol are phenolic compounds or fusel alcohols formed via the Ehrlich pathway by yeast metabolism.
En la produccion del alcohol etilico por fermentacion alcoholica se obtiene una fraccion denominada aceite de Fusel (del aleman: Fusel, licor de mala calidad), que es una mezcla de alcoholes superiores, a saber: alcohol n-butilico e isoamilico, con cantidades menores de alcohol isopropilico, n-propilico, entre otros compuestos como esteres, cetonas y aldehidos [4].
Hazelwood LA, Daran JM, van Maris AJA, Pronk JT and JR Dickinson The Ehrlich Pathway for Fusel Alcohol Production: a Century of Research on Saccharomyces cerevisiae Metabolism.
Boozy, smoky, nose, you can smell the fusel alcohol," said Ernie Adamo.
Al mismo tiempo se estan realizando convenios y alianzas con distintas instituciones como: FUSEL, que es la Fundacion Social del Estado Lara, FUNDE que es la Fundacion de la parte municipal el CDE, que es la Corporacion de Desarrollo Endogeno y Social del Estado Lara, asi como con FUDECO y FUNDACOMUN.
The two products, which are chemically identical, differ only in the amount of poisonous fusel oils they contain.
5, las corrientes cabezas y fusel aunque tienen un valor bajo dado sus flujos masicos, su valor es superior al de las perdidas.