fusel oil

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fu·sel oil

An acrid, oily, poisonous liquid mixture of amyl alcohols, occurring in incompletely distilled alcoholic liquids and used as a solvent and in the manufacture of explosives and pure amyl alcohols.

[German Fusel, bad liquor, from Low German.]

fusel oil

(ˈfjuːzəl) or


(Elements & Compounds) a mixture of amyl alcohols, propanol, and butanol: a by-product in the distillation of fermented liquors used as a source of amyl alcohols
[C19: from German Fusel bad spirits]

fu′sel oil`

(ˈfyu zəl, -səl)
a mixture consisting chiefly of amyl alcohols.
[1855–60; < German Fusel bad liquor]
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Noun1.fusel oil - a mixture of amyl alcohols and propanol and butanol formed from distillation of fermented liquors
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Boozy, smoky, nose, you can smell the fusel alcohol," said Ernie Adamo.
Alcohol is very clean, no fusel alcohols," said Dr.
Complete Beer Twin Test package includes: IBU, Color, Alcohol by Volume, Density, Real & Apparent Extract, Real & Apparent Attenuation, pH, Calories, Total VDK (diacetyl precursor), optional add-ons include Total Esters & Fusel Alcohols, Dissolved Oxygen, Microbiological Assessment.