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also fu·sil·eer  (fyo͞o′zə-lîr′)
1. A soldier in any of certain British army regiments formerly armed with fusils.
2. A soldier armed with a fusil.

[French, musketeer, from fusil, musket; see fusil.]


1. (Military) (formerly) an infantryman armed with a light musket
2. (Military)
a. a soldier, esp a private, serving in any of certain British or other infantry regiments
b. (pl; cap. when part of a name): the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
[C17: from French; see fusil1]


or fu•sil•eer

(ˌfyu zəˈlɪər)

a member of a British regiment formerly armed with fusils.
[1670–80; < French; see fusil1, -ier2]
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Noun1.fusilier - (formerly) a British infantryman armed with a light flintlock musketfusilier - (formerly) a British infantryman armed with a light flintlock musket
foot soldier, footslogger, infantryman, marcher - fights on foot with small arms


[ˌfjuːzɪˈlɪəʳ] N (Brit) → fusilero m


n (Brit) → Füsilier m


[ˌfjuːzɪˈlɪəʳ] nfuciliere m
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Captain Granet of the Royal Fusiliers, home from the Front on leave," Granet replied.
Having completed my studies there, I was duly attached to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers as Assistant Surgeon.
At Agra there were the 3d Bengal Fusiliers, some Sikhs, two troops of horse, and a battery of artillery.
The location of Fusilier Edward Graham's body had been unknown and his name was recorded on the panels of those with no known grave in the Casino war cemetery in Italy.
A new headstone, bearing Fusilier Graham's name, is to be installed and a re-dedication service held in early October.
Born in Chopwell in 1912, Fusilier Graham came from a mining family.
The streets of Warwick town centre were lined with people showing their support for the now disbanded battalion, who paraded for the last time at the annual Fusilier Veterans' parade.
CROWDS of people turned up on a sunny Sunday afternoon to see the final parade of Warwickshire's 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
The Fusiliers have been recruiting in Warwickshire since the early 1700s, and many Warwickshire Lads have served bravely and proudly in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers and now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - traditionally, in the now disbanded 2nd Battalion.
these are the names of those men from Northumberland, North tyneside, Newcastle, South tyneside, Sunderland and County Durham we could find in the official records, who are listed as having died on that day: Lance corporaL aLBerT aDaMS, 23, Northumberland Fusiliers, of Sunderland.
privaTe cHriSTopHer aLDerSon, 38, Northumberland Fusiliers, of Pelton Fell, Co.
Lance corporaL JoHn anGUS, 34, Northumberland Fusiliers, of Sunderland.