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Noun1.futures contract - an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date; the contract can be sold before the settlement date
derivative instrument, derivative - a financial instrument whose value is based on another security
stock-index futures - a futures contract based on a stock index; a bet on the future price of the indexed group of stocks
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395) (Savers) Suppliers Demanders of Present Goods of Present Goods Suppliers of Future Goods [Capitalists.
The delegates also visited The Knowledge Mine (TKM), which is designed to support and encourage the creation of knowledge and technology-dependent start-ups by providing an affordable working environment that makes it possible for companies and entrepreneurs to devote more of their capital to R&D, testing and the production of future goods and services.
Mitigation of climate change and its destructive effects depends on how we evaluated future goods in which William Nordhaus showed the quantification of the value of the future good of environmental preservation but Nicholas Stern claimed the benefits of reducing carbon emission would be far greater than the cost of reducing them.
A commodity is anything that is a possible object of a sale: all goods movable and immovable, claims and titles, which are usually estimated and compared in money; likewise, all present and future goods taken as a whole, because the latter can be sold through one act, even if they cannot be donated.
are intended to provide an overview of the established ideas and typical topics in the field of international entrepreneurship, which they define as "the discovery, enactment, evaluation, and exploitation of opportunities--across national borders--to create future goods and services.
Irreversibility affects the risk-free rate and the risk premium both through the effect it has on the ex-post market return, because it opens the possibility to capital gains and losses, and through the contingent prices of future goods, because it affects the variability of the market value of output and consumption.
Because assets represent a claim on future goods and services,
Only immediate and total privatization can do what must be done to create a national pension system which will help finance the production of future goods which future retirees will consume.
In other words, according to Alchian and Klein, the price indexes used for monetary policy purposes should include not only prices of goods and services for current consumption but also prices of present claims over future goods and services.
The badness of death for the person who has died is a combination of three factors: being deprived of future goods (deprivation), being deprived of any possibility of further existence (extinction), and being vulnerable in that one has lost the goods one already has (insult).
In 1977 they issued a statement entitled "The Implication of Recombinant DNA," writing that "our actions must not only point to or produce future goods.

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