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An antiretroviral drug of the fusion inhibitor class used in combination with other drugs to treat HIV infection.

[en(try/)fu(sion inhibitor) + -vir, antiviral suff. (ultimately from virus) + (pep)tide.]


n enfuvirtida
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The company said the overall decline in net income for the quarter 2011 resulted primarily from decreased worldwide net sales of FUZEON and increased general and administrative fees related to the Trimeris process, to evaluate and identify a strategic partner and its proposed merger with Synageva BioPharma Corp.
The Triad Group alcohol prep pads are co-packaged and distributed with Genentech medicines Boniva Injection, Fuzeon, Nutropin AQ Pen, Pegasys, and TNKase to customers in the USA.
Because the HIV drug Fuzeon was developed in North Carolina, Hoffmann- LaRoche argued in In Re Hoffmann LaRoche Inc.
One drug that works like this is Fuzeon (Roche), and there are other agents in the pipeline.
It will continue to sell its HIV treatment, Fuzeon.
In January, new precautions were added to the labeling for the injectable HIV fusion inhibitor Fuzeon.
On January 31 the FDA announced that the FUZEON (enfuvirtide) package insert had been changed to include precautions to avoid injection-site reactions, either using a needle, or the Biojector(r) 2000 needlefree injection system.
Fuzeon is now extensively available through specialty and retail pharmacies across the country.
In addition, a regional pilot continuity-of-care program has been established to maintain immediate inmate access to community-initiated Fuzeon.
The most important boost to morale, though, came from the launch of two products: the hepatitis C drugs Pegasys and Copegus, and the AIDS drug Fuzeon.
Fuzeon, a so-called fusion inhibitor, saved his life -just as thousands of others in the West have been saved by a string of new medicines introduced in the 20 years since the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first isolated.
Two clinical studies showed that Fuzeon reduced HIV viral load in the blood used with other medications more than single drug regimens.