Fuzz ball

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a kind of fungus or mushroom, which, when pressed, bursts and scatters a fine dust; a puffball.

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AFTER charming the nation since 1958, Britain's favourite furry fuzz ball gets his first live-action cinematic outing.
The black-and-white fuzz ball won San Diego Person of the Year in a contest several years ago, but Public Relations Manager Christina Simmons said zoo attendance didn't increase as expected.
Today's universal service system is a giant fuzz ball, perpetuated by the LECs, hiding costs, distorting competition and otherwise causing unnecessary policy concerns.
She named the chickens Daisy Mae, Speckles, Pumpkin, Fuzz Ball, Feathers and Princess.
Before the dogs are adopted, they are exposed to other dogs to determine if they are sociable, and must pass a rigorous exam by ``Furby the Test Cat,'' a no-nonsense fuzz ball that refuses to play games.
It is now not so much of a wall, as the world's largest fuzz ball and cat hair collector.
Right now it looks through binoculars like a fuzz ball about the size of the moon," Mosley said.
I encourage everyone, especially needlecraft enthusiasts, to get one of these fuzz balls with faces.
Jackpotjoy Slots is very proud and excited to launch the brand new slots game FUZZ BALLS for their Facebook app to give their players and fans even more reasons to spend time on this amazing app.
white and fluffy, looking something like football-sized fuzz balls.
Although dwarf galaxies are barely detectable fuzz balls of gas and dust, they contain dark matter with densities 100 times larger than those in giant galaxies, notes Kormendy.
The fuzz balls were partially dispersed by increasing the back pressure in the screw during compounding in the extruder.