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In addition, the W24 connectivity with G24 modules means that customers can now leverage a single design for applications requiring both real-time (cellular) and broadband (Wi-Fi) communication", says Aharon Mirsky, vice president of Motorola Israel and Director of Wireless Modules business Unit.
Clipper Windpower, Ribbit, and G24 Innovations won the award in the design, service provision, and technology category respectively.
G24 Innovations develops and manufactures a type of small flexible solar panel, which can be used to provide sustainable and portable energy supplies for wireless electronic accessories, including laptops, keyboards and computer mice.
The G24 countries want the IMF to analyze the impact of the US Federal Reserve's planned reduction, and eventual withdrawal, of its $85bn bond-buying stimulus on their economies, Fernando Aportela, the chair of the group and Mexico's vice minister of finance told Reuters.
The joint communique, issued after the G24 meeting on the sidelines of the IMF-World Bank annual spring meetings, urged the International Monetary Fund and the Bank to step up efforts to achieve more coordinated global economic policy-making.
Due to its screen input facility, the G24 software is said to simplify the interlock between the mould and the machine and also interlock simulation during machine set-up prior to commencement of production.
Nano-inks are also transforming solar cell production, with nano-titanium dioxide being used to create dye-sensitised solar cells by companies such as G24 Innovations, based in Cardiff, Wales.
G24 innovations has recently made first deliveries from its UK reel to reel production of so-called dye sensitized solar cells and Nanosolar is building a factory in Berlin to print a different type of photovoltaics called CIGS.
Summary: The ministers of G24, which includes Algeria, called on Friday in Washington, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to further ease the conditions and terms of loans granted to developing economies and low-income countries, so as to meet their needs with more flexibility within the context of major global crisis.
He is a partner at Mayer Brown LLP and chairman and co-founder of G24 Innovations, which manufactures solar cells.
UK-based solar power company G24 Innovations has raised nearly pounds 15 million from specialist investors 4RAE and expects further funding rounds, it said yesterday.