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With this move, GBL aims to raise cash for investments aimed at diversifying its portfolio.
Police said a postmortem has yet to be held but added: "We believe that controlled substance gamma-butyrolactone, or GBL, may have been used as a drug at the gathering at the address.
When taken, GBL is rapidly turned into the date-rape drug GHB - known as liquid ecstasy.
The inquest was told that although the level of GBL consumed by Ms Stewart was low, its combination with alcohol proved fatal.
On closing of the Arrangement, GBL Shareholders, other than Itafos and its affiliates, will receive, at the election of each such shareholder, either (i) 0.
35 shares of GBL Class A common stock (the "exchange ratio"), together with cash in lieu of any fractional share of GBL Class A common stock, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes.
8 litres of "liquid ecstasy" GBL, which is popular in the gay chemsex scene.
This project provided GBL with the opportunity to work with Emory's team of web design experts to create a website that responded effectively to the variety of business school users' search and discovery needs.
GBL mysteriously disappeared in early November taking an estimated $4.
The stake sale generated a capital gain on a consolidated basis of about EUR175m, GBL explained.
GBL, has sedative and anaesthetic effects and can produce a feeling of euphoria when taken.
GBL is buying the stake from Italian holding company Exor SpA (BIT:EXO) for CHF 2.