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Cem por cento das voluntarias do GDE apresentaram reducao do IMC, seguido por 90,9% pelo GD e 81,8% do GE.
AoThe 1972 gold trophy is priceless,Ao Giorgio Losa, the owner of GDE Bertoni, said in a telephone interview.
The GDE Group is currently one of the leading recycling companies in France, where it has more than 30 operating sites.
Modifications in the selection process for GDE opportunities significantly affect life cycle management and assist the Corps in its recruiting and retention initiatives.
When evaluating diversity levels, it is important to consider that GDE calculations disregarded monomorphic bands to ease computation.
According to a GDE Systems press release, Eyeglass will provide a complete line of 1-meter-class imagery -- once considered spy satellite quality -- products and services, with sufficient spatial resolution to detect objects 3-ft across.
To accomplish both objectives, GDE Systems does not focus on individual use or punishment; it targets drug detection and removal of illegal substances from the premises with the help of specially trained canines.
GDE was established in 2002 as a joint venture between PLN and state oil and gas company Pertamina.
Thus China both is the world's largest exporter of capital and has the world's highest ratio of domestic investment to GDE This is capital accumulation on a grand scale.
situation of having a trade deficit of 6 percent of GDE That is not sustainable.
A joint venture plan, under the terms of which the US holding company GDE Helava Inc , as well as fellow American geodetic equipment company Leica Geosystems Inc.
Cluster analysis (unweighted pair-group method arithmetic average [UPGMA]) (Rohlf, 1993) was used to assess patterns of diversity within each GDE matrix, and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient ([r.