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Third person singular present tense of go1.


(Biography) Hugo van der. ?1440–82, Flemish painter: works include the Pontinari Altarpiece and The Death of a Virgin



v. went, gone, go•ing, v.i.
1. to move or proceed, esp. to or from something: to go home.
2. to leave a place; depart: Go Away!
3. to keep or be in motion; function or operate: The engine is going now.
4. to become as specified: to go mad.
5. to continue in a certain state or condition; be habitually: to go barefoot.
6. to act as specified: Go warily.
7. to act so as to come into a certain state or condition: to go to sleep.
8. to be known: to go by a false name.
9. to reach or give access to: This door goes outside.
10. to pass or elapse: The time went fast.
11. to be applied, allotted, etc., to a particular recipient or purpose: My money goes for food and rent.
12. to be sold: The house went for very little.
13. to be considered generally or usually: He's tall, as jockeys go.
14. to conduce or tend: This only goes to prove the point.
15. to result or end: How did the game go?
16. to belong; have a place: This book goes here.
17. (of colors, styles, etc.) to harmonize; be compatible; be suited.
18. to fit or extend: This belt won't go around my waist.
19. to be or become consumed, finished, etc.: The cake went fast.
20. to be or become discarded, dismissed, etc.: Those puns of yours have got to go!
21. to develop or proceed, esp. with reference to success or satisfaction: How is your new job going?
22. to move or proceed with remarkable speed or energy: Look at that airplane go!
23. to make a certain sound: The gun goes bang.
24. to be phrased, written, or composed: How does that song go?
25. to seek or have recourse; resort: to go to court.
26. to become worn-out, weakened, etc.
27. to die.
28. to fail or give way: The dike might go any minute.
29. to come into action; begin: Go when you hear the bell.
30. to make up a quantity or content: Sixteen ounces go to the pound.
31. to be or be able to be divided: Three goes into fifteen five times.
32. to contribute to an end result: the items that go to make up the total.
33. to have as one's goal; intend (usu. fol. by an infinitive): Their daughter is going to be a doctor.
34. to be permitted, approved, or the like: Around here, anything goes.
35. to be authoritative; be the final word: Whatever I say goes!
36. to subject oneself: Don't go to any trouble.
37. Informal. to proceed (used as an intensifier): Go figure that out.
38. Informal. to urinate or defecate.
39. to move or proceed with or according to: Going my way?
40. to share or participate in to the extent of: to go halves.
41. Informal. to risk, pay, afford, bet, or bid: I'll go fifty dollars for a ticket.
42. to yield, weigh, or grow to: This field will go two bales of cotton.
43. to assume the obligation or function of: His father went bail for him.
44. Informal. to say; remark (usu. used in recounting a conversation).
45. Informal. to endure or tolerate: I can't go his preaching.
46. go about,
a. to occupy oneself with; perform.
b. to change course at sea by tacking or wearing.
47. go after, to attempt to obtain; strive for.
48. go against, to be in conflict with or opposed to.
49. go ahead, to proceed without hesitation or delay.
50. go along, to agree; concur.
51. go around,
a. to be often in company.
b. to be sufficient for all.
c. to pass or circulate: A rumor is going around.
52. go at,
a. to assault; attack.
b. to begin or proceed vigorously.
53. go by,
a. to pass: Don't let this chance go by.
b. to be guided by.
54. go down,
a. to decrease or subside, as in amount or size.
b. to descend or sink.
c. to suffer defeat.
d. to be accepted or believed.
e. to be remembered in history or by posterity.
f. Slang. to happen; occur: What's been going down since I've been away?
g. Brit. to leave a university, permanently or at the end of a term.
55. go down on, Vulgar Slang. to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on.
56. go for,
a. to make an attempt at; try for: to go for a win.
b. to assault.
c. to favor; like.
d. to be used for the purpose of or be a substitute for: material that goes for silk.
57. go in for, to adopt as one's particular interest; occupy oneself with.
58. go into,
a. to discuss or investigate.
b. to undertake as one's study or work.
59. go in with, to join in a partnership or union; combine with.
60. go off,
a. to explode.
b. (of what has been expected or planned) to happen.
c. to leave, esp. suddenly.
61. go on,
a. to happen or take place.
b. to continue: Go on working.
c. to behave; act.
d. to talk effusively; chatter.
e. (used to express disbelief): Go on, you're kidding me.
f. to appear onstage in a theatrical performance.
62. go out,
a. to cease or fail to function: The lights went out.
b. to participate in social activities.
c. to take part in a strike.
63. go over,
a. to repeat; review.
b. to be effective or successful: The proposal didn't go over.
c. to examine.
d. to read; scan.
64. go through,
a. to bear; experience.
b. to examine or search carefully.
c. to be accepted or approved.
d. to use up; spend completely.
65. go through with, to persevere with to the end; bring to completion.
66. go under,
a. to fail.
b. (of a ship) to founder.
67. go up,
a. to be in the process of construction, as a building.
b. to increase in cost, value, etc.
c. Brit. to go to a university at the beginning of a term.
68. the act of going.
69. energy or spirit: She's got a lot of go.
70. a try at something; attempt: to have a go at the puzzle.
71. a successful accomplishment; success.
72. Informal. approval or permission, as to undertake something.
73. a boxing bout: the main go.
74. (esp. in aerospace) functioning properly; ready: All systems are go.
1. from the word go, from the very start.
2. go all out, to expend the greatest possible effort.
3. go it alone, to act or proceed independently.
4. go (out) with, Informal. to keep company with; court; date.
5. go to it, to begin vigorously and at once.
6. let go,
a. to free; release (sometimes fol. by of).
b. to cease to employ; dismiss.
c. to abandon one's inhibitions.
d. to dismiss; forget; discard.
7. let oneself go, to free oneself of inhibitions or restraint.
8. no go, Informal.
a. futile; useless.
b. canceled or aborted.
9. on the go,
a. very busy; active.
b. while traveling.
10. to go, for consumption off the premises where sold: pizza to go.
[before 900; Middle English gon, Old English gān, c. Old Saxon -gān, Old High German gēn]



a Japanese board game for two in which black and white stones are placed on intersecting lines in such a way as to capture the opponent's stones and thereby control the board. Also called I-go.
[1885–90; < Japanese]




or g.o.,

1. general office.
2. general order.
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