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n.1.A channel for water.
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Now, post GOTE, I smile in victory every time I get in and out of bed.
70) Ich hebe in Gotes namen an Ein buch, dez ich gedaht han Uz latin zu dihten, (Heinrich von Neustadt, Von Gottes Zukunft, 37-39) [Comienzo ahora, en el nombre de Dios, a traducir un libro del latin, en el que habia pensado, (23)]
It is apparently that GOTEs have been criticized on the grounds of inefficiency most of the time.
Minnichliu gotes erkennusse, Frommann-Holzboog (<<Mystik in Geschichte und Gegenwart>>, I/7), Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt 1990, pp.
Nu seht, ir saeligen gotes kinder, daz in der almehtige got sele unde lip beschaffen hat.
As London became increasingly urbanized during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries they took on responsibility for surveying all "Walls, Ditches, Banks, Gutters, Sewers, Gotes [i.