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The capital of Botswana, in the southeast part near the South African border. It was founded c. 1890.


(Placename) the capital of Botswana (since 1964), in the extreme southeast. Pop: 186 007 (2001). Former name: Gaberones


(ˌgɑ bəˈroʊ ni, ˌgæb ə-)

the capital of Botswana, in the SE part. 110,973. Formerly, Gaberones.
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Noun1.Gaborone - capital and largest city of Botswana in the extreme southeast
Botswana, Republic of Botswana - a landlocked republic in south-central Africa that became independent from British control in the 1960s
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This retrospective cohort study evaluated SSTI isolates from January 2000 to December 2007 at Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in Gaborone, Botswana.
9, 2010 (TAP) - Coach of Tunisia's national soccer team Bertrand Marchand, on Tuesday, called up 21 players for Tunisia's 2012 African Cup of Nations Group K day-6 qualifier versus Botswana scheduled for next November 17 in Gaborone.
Hodoud will shift their attention towards the crucial Confederation Cup clash at home to Botswana's Gaborone United in the second leg of the competition's round of 16.
Earlier, they met deaf teenagers at an education centre in Botswana's capital Gaborone.
After landing at the Sir Sereste Khama International Airport in Botswana capital Gaborone for a three-day visit, Vice-President Ansari and his entourage will head straight for the Hotel Walmont Ambassador, where he will be briefed by High Commissioner Madhava Chandra on the current status of Indo-Botswana ties.
I d like to congratulate the BDP, parliament members and councillors for winning the 2009 election, and also members of the opposition for giving us competition at the election," said Khama, addressing thousands of supporters clad in his party s red colours at a rally in a dusty football pitch in Gaborone.
First place was shared by Lucinda-Joi Chu-Ketterer of Beijing and Alissa and Sarah Jones of Gaborone.
John Coombs, architect working on plans for the new hospice, to be based at Tlok-weng outside Gaborone,, writes to Link from Botswana:
The Governments of Botswana and the United States entered into an agreement in July 2000 to establish an International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Gaborone.
As of June 2007, a medical school has been set up at the University of Botswana in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, and the first intake of medical students is expected by 2008.
Source: Mmegi/The Reporter, Gaborone, 8 August 2006
South African Express Airways is today (2 April) introducing flights between Cape Town and Gaborone, Botswana.