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 (fō-rā′), Gabriel Urbain 1845-1924.
French composer chiefly noted for his songs, including the cycle La Bonne Chanson (1894), and for his Requiem (1890).


(ˈfɔːreɪ; French fore)
(Biography) Gabriel (Urbain) (ɡabriɛl). 1845–1924, French composer and teacher, noted particularly for his song settings of French poems, esp those of Verlaine, his piano music, and his Messe de Requiem (1887)


(fɔˈreɪ, foʊ-)

Gabriel Urbain, 1845–1924, French composer.
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As the Beeb's World Cup theme tune Pavane by French composer Gabriel Faure was drifting gently into my living room, the camera panned in on a sight to behold.
Roy Howat and Emily Kilpatrick have completed the first volumes of Peters's Gabriel Faure, Complete Songs with Volume 1: 1861-1882 (high- and medium-voice versions), and also edited the premiere publication of all of Faure's accompanied Vocalises, forty-five in total, only one of which, the well-known Vocalise-Etude of 1907, had been intended for publication.
at the cultural center; music by Gabriel Faure, Claude Bolling and Ralph Vaughan Williams.
2) or Gabriel Faure, are among the most famous names of their time.
The group of melodies by Gabriel Faure, the most familiar material on this disc, seems almost written for Lemieux.
com)-- Melodia Women's Choir led by artistic director Cynthia Powell welcomes the awakening romance of spring with "Apres un Reve" ("After a Dream"), a spectrum of musical styles, featuring a special celebration of French choral classics by Lili Boulanger, Gabriel Faure, Francis Poulenc, and others.
Concert All Saints Music Series presents six choirs performing Requiem by Gabriel Faure and seasonal anthems, 5 p.
Uchafbwyntiau'r perfformiad o waith Charles-Francois Gounod fydd i'w fwynhau ar S4C heno - bydd y perfformiad o waith Gabriel Faure yn cael ei dangos ar S4C yn nes ymlaen yn y flwyddyn.
Durant pres d'une heure et demie, l'organiste a orne le silence sacral de la basilique Notre- Dame d'Afrique de gammes melodiques, savamment interpretees dans le ton releve du mode majeur, reprenant de celebres pieces comme Alexandre Guilmant, Georg Friedrich Handel, Henri Purcell, Gabriel Faure, Cesar Franck, Max Reger, Leon Boellmann, Camille Saint Saens et Georges Bizet.
Cantique de Jean Racine, Op 11 by Gabriel Faure and edited well by John Ritter, with Katrina Ladwig as accompanist was absolutely delightful.
Roy Howat has created a detailed edition of the Barcarolles by Gabriel Faure.
Her all-French sandwich has as its filling music of a very different nature, with works by the dreamy, gently sensuous Gabriel Faure (7.