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An ancient city of the Middle East southeast of the Sea of Galilee. One of the Greek cities of the Decapolis, it is described in the Bible as the place where Jesus cast demons out of a man and into a herd of swine, which then threw themselves into the sea.

Gad′a·rene′ (găd′ə-rēn′, găd′ə-rēn′) adj. & n.


relating to or engaged in a headlong rush
[C19: via Late Latin from Greek Gadarēnos, of Gadara (Palestine), alluding to the Biblical Gadarene swine (Matthew 8:28ff.)]
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Lower and lower sank her gunwale as we dropped aboard her, with no more care than the Gadarene swine whose fate we courted.
Vexed by an evil spirit, like the Gadarene swine and
We can continue the Gadarene slide into an endless cycle of riot and disorder, or we can begin the slow and painful ascent toward that yet-distant goal of equality of opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race or color.
Yet if we fail to turn aside from our current Gadarene rush into socialism, our future might look less like Russia or China and more like Sweden.
The following morning my Brexit nephew replied that I would have needed to push all gadarene swine over the edge to have stayed in Europe.
But there is also death, which is the rushing of the Gadarene swine down the slope of extinction.
Kunis showed her post-baby body in a black t-shirt and a pair of cuffed slim-fit jeans as she relaxed with her family at Sherman Oaks eatery The Gadarene Swine, according to (http://www.
Her infant boy tries to gain her attention with a last-ditch gadarene back-flip to his death in the gin-puddled stairwell.
Reconciliation, you might say, is a variant on the Gadarene Swine Fallacy, that sending evil over the cliff puts an end to it.
The others were located in Sepphoris (Galilee), Jericho, Gadara (where the Gadarene demoniacs of Matthew 8 lived), and Amathus on the island of Cyprus.
On Walpurgis-night Hans borrows a pencil from his beloved Clavdia Chauchat in order to draw a pig; the Gadarene imagery continues in Adrian's childhood home in Buchel, where he has a Bible bound in pigskin and reads verses by von Schweinitz.
the latter was a disaster as insurance companies and other financial institutions rushed like Gadarene swine to pick off businesses which only a few years later they were giving away for virtually nothing.