n.1.A gadsman.
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3--New Urethane Diol Resins for Improved Performance of WB Aminoplast Coatings--Matthew Gadman, King Industries
The origins of the Twelve Tribes of Israel must be traced to Vernon Carrington (1935-2005), also known as Gad, Gadman, or Prophet Gad, who in 1968 started recruiting members into his group.
Gadman, S and Cooper, C (2005) Strategies for collaborating in an interdependent impermanent world, Leadership & Organisation Development Journal, Vol 26, No 1, pp 23-34.
For those who have been sprayed by skunks, Bob Gadman of Quincy was selling OdorGone, a mixture that he said removes the scent of just about everything.
Katherine Gadman, marketing manager for sandwich and snack solutions, said the dips category had expanded rapidly because of a boom in casual dining, informal entertaining and TV snacking.
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