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Adj.1.Gaelic-speaking - able to communicate in Gaelic
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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There is no longer any serious doubt that the extraordinarily high levels of religious practice which set Catholics in twentieth-century Ireland apart from their co-religionists in the rest of western Europe supplanted a pre-Famine regime in which many Catholics, especially in Gaelic-speaking areas of the north and west, seldom attended mass.
Lord Selkirk had promised the settlers he would send a Gaelic-speaking Presbyterian minister.
Here, too, native landholders sought confirmation of their territorial claims in the collective memory of their Gaelic-speaking tenants rather than in the written acts favoured by French-speaking Anglo-Norman lords.
In the Highlands, Baptists (of all persuasions) and Congregationalists employed missionaries who were Gaelic-speaking laymen.
About Dr Aonghas Maccoinnich: Aonghas MacCoinnich is a native of the Isle of Lewis and grew up in a Gaelic-speaking community.
We were quite young and not from a Gaelic-speaking area so we caused a stir.
He writes about Gaelic-speaking culture and issues specific to Nova Scotia, about traveling, about the diaspora of Gaels, Gaelic history, and other questions of lingua-national identity.
To compensate for the lack of Gaelic-speaking priests, a number of young men from Prince Edward Island and eastern Nova Scotia were sent to study for the priesthood in Quebec, but only two were ordained.
Song was a big ally in this endeavour, for it was seen as a carrier of language; music per se was largely a vehicle for the social activities (dances) that attracted the courting classes to Gaelic-speaking occasions.
She said: "This isn't a Gaelic-speaking island but I'm surprised a visiting Highlander never pointed it out before.
If you're on a short break over the festival weekend, take a car on the Slea Head Drive, a well-signposted circular route taking in spectacular coastal scenery, striking archeological monuments - including the Iron Age Dun Beag Fort - and pretty Gaelic-speaking hamlets.
Committed to evangelizing the Gaelic-speaking population, he went to great lengths to familiarize himself with indigenous language and culture, most famously sponsoring the translation of the Old Testament into Irish.